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Rural Health Champion


2022 Awardee:  Dr. Cathie R. Fox, PhD

Description: Dr. Fox has been serving as program director for the Utah Psychology Internship Consortium for clinical psychologists since the program began in 2019-2020. Under her leadership, UT-PIC has grown from 2 students in the initial class to a graduating class of 5 students in 2022. More impressively, the 5 graduates from the UT-PIC program have stayed to practice in Utah for the last 3 cohorts of students, and these individuals are no licensed to practice mental health providers or pursuing licensure for the state of Utah. Dr. Fox’s efforts are changing the healthcare landscape of rural Utah by expanding mental health care for tens of thousands of Utahns residing in rural communities.



2021 Awardee: Senator Brad Last 

Senator Last earned his bachelor's degree and MBA from the University of Utah. Representative Last lives in Hurricane, Utah, where he works as the Vice President of Development at Utah Tech University. Last also served on the Washington County Board of Education from 1994 until 2002.


2020 Awardee: Brenda Bartholomew, Gunnison Valley Hospital

Brenda has been a part of the Gunnison Valley Hospital Team for 26 years, which includes serving as the Chief Nursing Officer for the past 24 years. In this capacity, she has gained extensive experience in managing the nurse team, surgical services, laboratory, respiratory environmental services, and the dietary department. She has demonstrated a strong knowledge of her community and a passion for service during her time at Gunnison Valley Hospital. 


Brenda has a master’s degree in healthcare organizational leadership and management. She has been recognized locally and nationally for her leadership roles, including one with the Utah Office of Primary Care and Rural Health (OPCRH), which awarded her with the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Award for her outstanding efforts in guiding the hospital through the pandemic.


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