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RHAU Conference

2020 RHAU Conference Sessions

Building Partnerships for Rural Well-Being

Brought to you by:

Working Together for Community Well-Being

Christina Mead, Jordan Merrill, Teresa Willie, Sarah Hodson 

Session Attendees: 116

Equity & Inclusion

Mike Nelson, Michelle Chapoose, Amber Rich, Emilia Brown 

Session Attendees: 70

Suicide Prevention

Amy Mikkleson, Robin Hatch, Jesse Spencer, Teresa Willie 

Session Attendees: 80


Derrick Haslem, Ken Grossman, Garrett Harding 

Session Attendees: 67

Mental Health

Charles Smith, Paula Dunham, Ashley Heaton, Tad Draper, Janelle Robinson 

Session Attendees: 152

Outdoor/Park Rx

Sarah Hodson, Jesse Spencer, Sarah Kinnison 

Session Attendees: 116

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Laura Summers, Lauren Prest, Mike Austin, Lori Wright 

Session Attendees: 65

Diabetes Prevention

Sarah Woolsey, Shauna Nordgren, Rachel Kramer, Shelly Sanderson, Mallory Spendlove 

Session Attendees: 85

Opioid Use Disorder

Ashley Yaugher, Kasey Shakespear, Suzanne Prevedel, Maren Voss 

Session Attendees: 116

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