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2021 RHAU Conference

Navigating Beyond the Pandemic: Hope for Rural Health

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The past 18 months have been unprecedented. COVID-19 has devastated families, organizations, and communities globally. Emerging back from the disruption of COVID-19 into a “new normal” has not been a smooth transition. The only way to excel in today's environment is together. The Utah Rural Health Association 2021 Conference is designed to bring together individuals from around the state to discuss what we have learned through these difficult times, and how we can use that knowledge and experience to lift rural Utah communities moving forward. The conference will include topics such as Telehealth, the COVID-19 Vaccine Reluctance, COVID Disparities, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder updates, Oral Health, and more. All panelists have been chosen for their expertise as well as their ability to teach and to listen. Please join us on November 12, 2021, at Dixie State University and bring your own experience and knowledge to the table as we work together to navigate beyond the pandemic.

RHAU Conference

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